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What is the significance of Cheongsam in Chinese fashion?

Well, every country has its own unique thing. The countries have their traditional clothes that look superb. These costumes are mainly worn when there is a special occasion for a specific country. 

More broadly, Cheongsam is a Chinese dress introduced in the 17th century. This style is most preferred in Chinese and worn by women still today. 

This is the unique dress worn by Manchu women, commonly known as qipao. The surprising fact about this dress is after 1636, men in their version also take the use of Cheongsam. To learn about Cheongsam in brief, keep scrolling down below.


The use of cheongsam dresses has been there for a long time back. Earlier, women wore these dresses now and then. Then, there was the special male version called changpao.  

Nowadays, modernization has taken place, and it has become popular among celebrities and upper-class people. Women of China wear these dresses on special occasions like parties and weddings. These dresses are easily available in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, etc.

What it looks like –

Let’s begin with the appearance of Cheongsam. Initially, wearing off his Chinese dress was baggy and wide during the Mansur rule. It looks like a high neck and has a straight skirt. 

This dress covers all the women’s body parts except their toes, hands, and head. First, it was made of Silk and done with embroidery. It is also worn by women today but in something different ways. It is a one-piece fitting dress and has a high slit on both sides of the dress.

When to wear it –

Now it comes to the most common question when do you wear Cheongsam? in the 17th-century, women wore Cheongsam every day. But in 1920 and 1950, this dress was worn casually. It is mainly worn in Shanghai and Hong Kong. 

Nowadays, women are not more into wearing this attire every day. However, there are some formal occasions when women get their hands on this special dress, such as parties, weddings, etc. It is also used as a uniform at hotels and restaurants. This is because there are so many colors and embroidery available on these beautiful dresses.

Where to buy –

Buying this beautiful dress is not a tall order. There are so many dramas in and out of China that capture this beautiful dress. It is available at high-end boutique stores, or you can also go for personal tailoring. 

There are many clothing markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, and other countries to get it prepared. However, the larger cities in China have the best fabric and material for buying this dress. Moreover, people can find the cheap version of this dress on the street side.

Final Words 

The Cheongsam is a beautiful dress mainly worn by women of China, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. This is because there are so many sources to buy these dresses, and there is a special occasion when women wear these dresses nowadays. To know more about the significance of Cheongsam, read the information given above.