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What is Affirmation and How Many Affirmations Should I Start With?

Affirmations are statements of intent or declarations that you actively choose to believe in. They are usually short and powerful phrases that serve as a reminder of your goals, dreams, and personal values. When repeated regularly, they can help to influence your subconscious mind and create positive changes in both your mental state and behavior. But How Many Affirmations Should I Start With?

The answer will depend on the individual and their life situation; however, most experts recommend starting with three affirmations per day for 30 days straight. This allows for enough repetition for the messages to sink into the subconscious mind so that it becomes second nature. After this initial period is complete, you can begin to increase the number of affirmations if needed—though some people may find that three is all they need!

How To Create Your Own Personalized Affirmations

Creating personalized affirmations doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating. In fact, it can be quite fun! Here are some tips on creating your own effective affirmations:

  • Choose an area of focus –

Before you get started writing out your affirmations, take time to identify what areas in your life need improvement or require more attention or effort from yourself. Examples include career success, health & well-being, relationships, etc. Once you have identified these areas, then you can begin crafting specific affirmations around them.

  • Make sure they’re realistic –

It’s important that the messages you create are realistic and achievable within a certain timeframe (e.g., “I am earning $100K/year by 2021” rather than “I am earning $100K/year now”). Unrealistic expectations will only set you up for disappointment so make sure the goals you set are attainable yet challenging at the same time!

  • Make sure they’re positive-

Keep in mind that when writing out your affirmation statements they should always be expressed positively rather than negatively (e.g., “I am successful” instead of “I am not failing”). Negativity not only takes longer to sink into our subconscious minds but also sends negative vibes out into the universe which can sabotage our efforts in manifesting our desires quicker!

  • Keep them short & sweet-

As mentioned earlier affirming statements should generally be kept short & sweet so try not to go overboard with long drawn-out sentences as this won’t help with memorization either!. Aim for no more than 5 words in each statement if possible – e .g., “I am prosperous” instead of “My financial abundance knows no bounds”.

  • Cut through any mental blocks-

If there’s something deep down inside holding you back from achieving what want then address it head first by using an affirmation such as “I release all fear barriers blocking my success” before moving on to other aspects related to manifesting those desires!

  • Put yourself first –

It’s paramount never forget about yourself during times when you might feel overwhelmed or lost sight of your end goal – Using self-affirming messages such as “I trust myself completely” or “I honor my highest good” helps keep us focused on why we set these intentions in motion in the first place!

  • Believe each word fiercely –

The power behind an affirmation lies in its ability to make us truly believe each word uttered as if it has already manifested into reality, so even if doubt creeps in when you read these statements aloud, remember that faith plays a huge part here too! Talk about each message as if someone else has already proven it to be true, for would you treat any advice given by a trusted friend any differently?

  • Experiment & adjust as needed –

Don’t worry if an initial affirmation doesn’t seem quite right at first, as there will probably be times when tweaking certain words will better suit needs. For example, believing you can speak in public without fear may sound more appealing than having zero stage fright, so keep switching things up until you get the result you want!

  • Connect emotionally –

When brainstorming ideas for different types of affirmations, always ask yourself how this message resonates with me on an emotional level. Does it bring joy to my heart? If so, chances are that this particular phrase will resonate deeply, making it easier to integrate into conscious thought patterns!

  • Have fun with it –

Above all, enjoy the process! Creating unique empowering mantras should be an extremely enjoyable experience, encouraging the free expression of creativity along the way! Most importantly, don’t sweat the details too much, just let your intuition guide you, guaranteed something special will come out eventually 🙂

How to incorporate affirmations into your daily life  

Now that we know how to create effective affirmations, let’s look at how to incorporate them into your daily routine:

  • Record them on audio –

Although some may prefer to manually write their own list, others may find it beneficial to record audio versions themselves, either via a smartphone app, notebook computer program, etc. This allows you to listen anytime, anywhere plus gain a better understanding of the meaning behind the words, taking away the hassle of trying to remember everything off the top of your head!

  • Speak Them Out Loud –

Another great way to utilize affirming messages involves speaking each line aloud, preferably out loud. This not only helps cement the idea further into the subconscious mind but also creates a powerful vibration around the listener allowing the energy to spread further outward impacting the environment closely connected too!

  • Write It Down On Paper –

Writing down chosen mantras on paper is another great way to practice incorporating positive messages into everyday life because allows one physically see the written word while feeling the connection and emotions attached simultaneously helps commit memory easier .. plus bonus seeing tangible proof all hard work pays dividends soon enough!

  • Use Visual Cues –

Finally, visual reminders are always helpful for constant reinforcement especially case-affirming statements as remind us exactly why we started the journey and start the next step in a progressive direction! Post-it notes, wall mirrors, desks, car dashboards anywhere visible, and regular glances give the extra boost needed to push forward confidently knowing the goal is achievable!


Using affirmations is a simple yet highly effective tool for setting intentions and achieving goals; however, it’s important to remember that success is not instantaneous – it requires consistent effort over time. By following the steps above, as well as ensuring that your affirmations are realistic yet challenging, you will soon start to notice positive changes both mentally and physically toward achieving your desired results! So how many affirmations should you start with? The answer really depends on the individual – but most experts recommend starting with three a day for 30 days straight, before increasing the number as needed!