What Is A Bubble Bong And Cone Bong? A Brief

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own bong, but have been deterred by the cost and time involved, let this article be your guide. It is not only the best way to get your hands on a quality bong for under $10 or less, it will also give you the knowledge needed to create one of your very own.

A well-crafted bong can add a lot of fun to any home party. You can use it as an alternative to a water pipe or to just smoke from a regular glass piece. The 4 best homemade bongs are easy to make, inexpensive, lightweight, and durable. They can hold up to 10 – 12 ounces of liquid without breaking. So why buy when you can make?

Bubble Bong

This classic bong design uses a bubble tube that allows air to enter the bowl. This creates a large amount of vapor in the chamber which makes this type of bong much more popular than other designs. It also comes with a built in screen filter so you don’t need to worry about making holes in the side of your glass piece.

The advantage of this design is that you can easily clean the bowl using soap and warm water. However, if you want to keep the bong cleaner longer, it may be worth investing in a new set of screen filters. One tip you should know is that it’s often easier to remove the bowl from the stem if you heat the stem just a bit before removing it.

This method doesn’t work on all stems though, so be sure to read instructions carefully before trying this technique.

Here’s how to build a Bubble Bong:

Make a base out of wood. Use 1/4 of a 2×6 board cut into 3 pieces.

Cut another piece of wood at a 45 degree angle to form a “L” shape to fit around the bottom of the bowl. Cut two more pieces of wood to make a frame to support the bowl inside the stem.

Use a drill bit to make small holes in the sides of the base that line up with holes in the stem. Insert your metal stem through these holes then place the bowl over top and tighten down the stem with a screwdriver until it’s snugged against the bowl.

Add a screen filter to the mouthpiece. Be sure to put them in correctly because once you’re done, there will be no turning back!

Fill the bowl with your favorite mix and enjoy!

You can customize this bong to your liking by adding different colored screens to the mouthpiece. Here’s another way to do it:

1. Find a colorful material that isn’t too thick. This would include things like fabric (which usually comes in black), paper, foil, etc.

2. Using scissors, cut a piece of your chosen material to approximately 12 inches long.

3. Fold the material in half lengthwise, then along the folded edge, fold the material again so that you end up with 3 layers. Press down firmly with your thumb to seal the seams together.

4. Place a few drops of silicone glue on both ends of the folded material and press together. Once dry, cut off excess material at each end leaving enough to cover the opening at the bottom of the screen.

5. Add some kind of decoration such as paint, stickers, or glitter to the outside of the glass and allow it to dry. If you don’t plan on painting the bong, you could still decorate it by gluing on decals or stickers.

6. Fill the bowl with your preferred concoction.

Here’s what it looks like when finished:

Here’s another option that combines a bubbler with a screen filter:

1. Take a clear plastic soda bottle or other similar container and cut it to size. Be careful not to cut the threads.

2. Cut a hole in the center of the bottle where you would like the screen to go. This can be done using a sharp knife or using a Dremel tool.

3. Drill a hole in the center of the screen. A high speed drill works great for this job.

4. Wrap the screen tightly around the bottle.

5. Now take a funnel and insert it into the bottle. Make sure it’s snugly attached and won’t come loose during use.

6. Add whatever you desire to the mouth of the bottle using a syringe. Use caution when doing this, especially if you are working with chemicals.

7. To finish, fill the bottle with water and place it in the refrigerator overnight.

Once the bubbles stop rising, you’ll know that the mixture has fermented. Remove the screen and enjoy your creation.

Cone Bong

Many people think of bongs as being cylindrical in shape. Although this is true for most types of bongs, the cone bong is actually shaped more like a teardrop. It’s smaller in diameter than other styles, which makes it ideal for smoking lighter liquids. Cone bongs are also easy to clean since they’re made from glass.

You can improve filtration of smoke through which all the toxic substance will removed completely through a gravity infuser. You can reduce mold and bacteria after cleaning the bong. As a reason, excessive bacteria will cause some conditions which become severe for you. a lot of people are using a bong for fun purpose and there is nothing bad in it.

Here’s how to build a Cone Bong:

Take a piece of glass tubing and insert it into the center of your bowl. Thread your tube through the hole in the base of the bowl and pull it tight. Now attach the bowl to a base that you’ve already created. It doesn’t matter what style you choose since the bowl will still sit in its base once assembled.

Next, take a piece of glass tubing and wrap it around the outside of the bowl. It’s okay if you have to bend your tube slightly to get it to fit. Once you’ve wrapped it around the bowl, slide the end of the bowl toward the stem using a flat head screw driver.

Insert the screen filter into the mouth of the bowl and close it securely. It helps to push the screen into the bowl while tightening the screw. Use the handle of the screwdriver to make contact with the screen so it doesn’t break.

Attach the lid to the bowl with a rubber band.

Now fill the bowl with your choice of materials and enjoy!

Here’s how to modify a cone bong to turn it into a bubbler:

1) Gather your materials. You will need a clear plastic soda bottle, a funnel, a piece of glass tubing, and a screen filter.

2) Cut the bottom off of the bottle and remove the cap. Next, slip the funnel into the bottle. Make sure it doesn’t touch the rim of the bottle.

3) Slip the screen filter onto the tube so that the bottom of the filter touches the bottom of the funnel. Secure with tape if necessary.

4) Fill the bottle with water and place it in the freezer. Leave it there overnight.

5) When the water has frozen solid, you’re ready to assemble the bong. Start by inserting the tube into the middle part of the bowl. Attach the bowl to the base of your creation. Pull the tube taut and secure it with tape. Slide the bowl towards the stem, using the handle of the screwdriver. Tighten the stem using the screwdriver and the filter should remain intact.

6) Now you’re ready to fill the bowl with your desired liquid. If you’d like to smoke from the bubbler, you can now remove the funnel. Otherwise, leave it in place and enjoy your creation!

Dome Bong

The dome bong is a popular design thanks to its ability to provide a larger surface area for your herbs. It’s also the easiest bong to build since it requires fewer steps.

Here’s how to build a Dome Bong:

Take a piece of glass tubing and thread it into the bowl. Leave it free to move so you can adjust the height and size of the dome. Secure it with tape.

Place the bowl on a piece of foam insulation. This will act as your base. Attach the base with screws or adhesive. Remember to measure the distance from the top of the bowl to the bottom of the foam insulation before starting construction.