What Are The Various Types Of Guns?

Many people love to keep guns for safety. However, to make the vice election of the weapon, a person should always have an idea regarding the various types of firearms available in the market. With advancements in technology, different designs and styles of weapons are available. 

A person can select the gun based on the purpose for which he plans to purchase the weapon. The person can see it here to get further details. Now we will discuss in detail the various types of guns available as an option for the buyer.


Revolvers are somewhat different from handguns; you do the specific feature possessed. The pistol has a cylinder where cartridges are separately held by multiple chambers and can be rotated with the rack of the gun. This will lead to the alignment of the bullet with the gun’s barrel. 

This kind of gun has the option to shoot various calibers, thereby creating a variety of options a person can even use with a single hand. Revolvers are mainly further classified into different types, which we will now discuss:

  • Single Action

As the name of the revolver suggests, in this option, the trigger just performs the gun’s firing. In this type of gun, the pulling back of the hammer should be there each time men believe. Otherwise, the working of the riffle will not be in an appropriate manner.

  • Double Action

These are other kinds of pistols available on the market. They generally perform double actions at a point in time. The two acts committed by these revolvers are wrapping the hammer and firing the firearm at an end. 

  • Double Action Only

This is another kind of revolver that does not contain a hammer. It then also tracks, and then the firing of the weapon will take place even without the presence of the hammer.

As we’ve already discussed, there are mainly three types of revolver that are available as an option for the people. In general, primarily, people prefer to use the single-action because pulling the trigger in this type of revolver does not require much effort from the person. 

But, on the other hand, if we talk about the double-action revolver, it will need more pressure as a result of which people avoid using it.


 These are other kinds of guns that are available on the market. They are mainly an advisable option for the people who prefer to carry their weapons from one place to another as they are comparatively light in weight. 

Other factors that make it advisable to carry are that they have a heavy punch, and even they provide the person with the accurate result. In addition, they are generally different from shotguns and rifles, as the person can do the firing with a single hand.

The barrel is known to be smaller in size with a thick bold that enables a weapon to live under tremendous pressure. The board has to riffle the board of any gun that lies inside of the barrel of the gun, and the riffling will denote the bore is filled such that there are spiral Groves. Buy handguns are available in the market in various sizes. 

They all have the standard features, but there is specific differentiation. All the modern semi-automatic handguns are made up using a detachable magazine. Now; we will discuss the different types of the guns based on their sizes.

  • Full-Sized

The first type of handgun is the ones that are full size. They are considered the most oversized handguns available in the market. They generally have barrels that are 14.5 inches long. Due to their size, they do not have a good handgrip on the hand of the person.

  • Compact

These are other smaller options than the biggest-sized option. The better this type of the handgun is shorter, ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 inches. The grip of this type of handgun can be large or even slightly more concise. Generally, the clock 19 and paid 320 compacts are the best examples of the compact handguns.

  • Subcompact

 Subcompact pistols are in small size compared to the options mentioned above; in this type of pistol, the barrel is from 3.5 inches or even less. The grip of this type of handgun is generally smaller. Example of sub-compact handguns RG3C 9MM.

  • Micro Compact

 These kinds of handguns are also called pocket pistols. This is because they are in demand for a more extended period, and the advanced version is micro-compact. The barrel in this type of the handgun is even less than the 3mm. their pockets are timely nature person can easily carry them from one place to another.

These are the various types of guns that are available for the people. They can make the selection of the gun that will be the best option for them.