What Are The Things One Should Know About Baby Cockatiels?

The cockatiel requires the best care and comfort because it is a very special type of bird. If you keep three parrots, then it might create a lot of dust, such as culprit Cockatiel and cockatoo. Taking care of a baby Cockatiel is quite difficult and challenging because they experience respiratory issues. Also, buying a baby cockatiel, you will experience some common issues like feather dust using an air filter and aggregative asthma issues. 

Things to consider for owning a baby cockatiel 

  • The reason behind all these issues generated that cockatiels experience allergic reactions. According to researchers, cockatiels are seed junkies because their lifespan is very minimum. It is less conservative to own a baby Cockatiel because they lift feathers and create a lot of mess. 
  • The very first thing which you need to consider is whether owning a baby cocktail is the right option for you or not. Baby cocktails are very small in size and just look like a baby hatch. When you buy a baby cocktail in your house, then you need to give some time to adjust themselves. 

  • It comes in the form of a hand-fed baby, which requires proper nutrition and care from its owner. You need to follow a cleaning and feeding routine by adjusting your work so that you will take proper care. They need to follow a healthy diet in which you can offer them vegetables and nutritionist food. 
  • If you are feeding them avocados, mushrooms, caffeine, and onions, then it will become very toxic for them. As a reason, it is not healthy for baby cocktails to intake such toxic substances. Cleaning the water of a cocktail is a must so that you will ensure a healthy environment that is free from fungus and algae. 
  • When your cockatiels are at an early age then, you must teach them how to speak and whistle. These are very basic things that should be taught at an early age so that they will approach immediately. It is very common that baby cocktails will get sick because of changing weather and fluffed-up feathers. 
  • You will experience crankiness and biting that is caused because of change in behavior and health. If you are experiencing that cockatiels are consuming less water, coughing, irregular breathing, swelling, and sneezing, then it is the right time for you to visit a specialist. 
  • You can also buy a cage for them so that they will spend their day easily. There are so many different supplies available for cockatiels, such as food, cage, bowls, etc. 

  • You can also go for the proper training of owning a Cockatiel so that you will provide good resources and food to them. 

Last words

Make sure that you are purchasing a Cockatiel that comes with a rescue center so that you will provide good life and comfort to them. There are several behavior problems experienced by a Cockatiel that makes them unhealthy.