What are the Qualities of a classy woman

Every woman is remarkable. However, certain features let you stand out from the rest of the crowd. As a female, you can become classy by choosing elegant attire from the Dark Academia clothing; stay honest and follow the below list. 

  • Gestures
  • Good hygiene
  • Communication
  • Manage finances
  • Be a responsible citizen
  • Protect yourself


The first and foremost thing noticed about any person is their posture. Be confident and choose a comfortable gesture. This doesn’t mean you will lean over a chair and shake your leg. Sit straight, look straight at the communicator, and avoid dodging eye contact. Give a firm handshake and walk like you own the place but never like a lost puppy. 

Good hygiene:

This is an essential quality every homo sapien possesses. Always have neatly combed hair, ironed dress, groomed nails, and a face with minimum makeup. Do not overlap cosmetics that make you look like a fashion disaster. Ensure to have good breath, and use a mouth fresher if required. Purchase a deodorant to get rid of the armpit odor. Carry a comb, facial wipes box, lip balm, and an extra shirt for an emergency. 


  1. Speak confidently and audibly so the listener doesn’t have to lean in to hear your message.
  2. Avoid faltering while introducing yourself.
  3. Be a good listener, and let the other person express their views and thoughts.
  4. Be generous, and do not interrupt the audience while speaking; when done, it can be perceived as rude.
  5. Maintain a decent pitch, never raise your tone of voice to make a point, and instead politely explain your disagreements.

Know the name of the receiver and address them by their name. Addressing them by sir or madam is also a good practice. 

Manage finances:

Don’t behave like a derelict; ensure to carry a wallet with cash to avoid embarrassment if the online payment methods fail. If you are a guest, avoid overeating when the organizer is the payer. If it is an essential lunch, contribute your share of the money, unlike a party. Do not request the other person to pay on your behalf unless you know them very well. Most people hesitate to say no, so be ready with enough bank balance. 

Be a responsible citizen:

Do not throw the trash on roads or pavements. Find the nearby dustbin to dispose of the empty covers or used cans. Please wait until the traffic signal turns green; crossing the signals might seem thrilling, but it can threaten the lives of others along with attracting legal consequences. 

Protect yourself:

As a lady, you must be alert and carry some protection items like pepper spray to save yourself. Life isn’t a movie, so be wise to share your travel details with a trusted individual. 

Bottom line

From the above, it is clear that a classy woman is the one who wears decent dresses like the Dark Academia clothing, is confident, well-groomed, a good communicator, a responsible citizen, and who protects herself.