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Top 4 Ways To Avoid The Friend Zone

The sad truth is this: When it comes to first impressions most guys listen to the little voice inside their heads to guide them on how to approach a girl.

Do you know what that little voice is?

Well, for most guys, that little voice is the years of bad advice that mommy fed them as they grew up; advice on how to approach and treat a girl when you first meet up. And it probably sounds like this:

“Be nice and polite. Don’t be rude and always be perfect gentlemen!”

Now I will admit that there is technically nothing wrong with this advice but as guys, we take this advice and RUN WITH IT… In short, we try and be all that PLUS a huge bag of chips! And that’s when we commit the one or more of the fatal 5 sins to the friend zone. The amazing 5 sins that GUARANTEE almost permanent residency in the friend zone!

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So as a general rule, take everything your dear sweet mommy told you about socializing with gurls then pretty much do THE EXACT OPPOSITE. It seems odd and really weird but it quite easy if you follow these 4 rules to avoiding the friend zone completely.

Believe me, with these 4 gems in your arsenal when you approach a girl, you are guaranteed to have the gurl thinking of you and missing your company for quite a while.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I used them to get the number of a really cute flight attendant after less than 10 minutes of conversation… and she commented on how she couldn’t believe she was actually giving me her number!

1. Shock Factor

There are basically two parts to achieving the desired shock factor that creates attraction:

Be Bold And Daring In Your Speech

Be willing to be outrageous and even sometimes border-line improper when you first meet up with her.

Sometimes even the wrong thing said, can become the right thing to say, as long as you are confident, calm and charming as you say it!

But be careful not cross the line and end up being foul, as you will probably insult her and thus turn her off.

Challenge her

Don’t be afraid of calling her out on her crap or just simply challenging her points of view.

The trick is to do it a manner that encourages her to try and defend her stand without making it feel too serious or too confrontational.

By challenging her, you show her that you have a back bone and your aim is not to suck up to her until she somehow magically notices you!

FACT: Beautiful girls don’t have they views challenged very often.

They are used to having their own way, so think about it… how special and different will you appear to her when you are able to playfully challenge her?

2. Humor

If you can make a girl laugh you are already halfway into the door to her mind.

But be warned that cute girls DON’T have crushes on clowns. So the trick is to be funny without looking like a clown in her eyes!

But how do you do that? Use corky humor.

This is the only humor that makes a girl laugh and also creates the right kind of attraction that you are looking for. Corky humor is multi-leveled as it accomplishes a lot of things at the same time.

When you use corky humor you are not only funny but witty as well. This wit can be playful, in the sense that you tease her in the process. This communicates a playful nature as well as the confidence to tease her & not suck up to her like most guys probably do.

The bare fact remains that regardless of how you look at it corky humor is an essential to having great conversations with gurls because if you can’t make a gurl laugh then you are in trouble. Corky humor is nothing short of social GOLD.

“Warning: You can’t successfully perform corky humor without the next little gem!”

3. Confidence

This is without a doubt the MOST IMPORTANT tool a guy needs to be a success in any girl.

Why? Simply because confidence is attractive to girls… pride isn’t, but confidence is!

Also only with confidence will you truly be able to boldly and correctly implement, any social techniques you attempt. Social techniques used in a shy manner will NOT work even though you technically did everything right. The problem is that confidence isn’t just a verbal attribute but also a physical attribute.

Studies have shown that only about 30% of all communication is verbal; the other 70% is all non-verbal communication.

So when it comes to confidence you not only have to sound confident but also appear confident; and this means having the right Body Language to not only create confidence but also non-verbally communicate confidence!

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4. Relaxed State Of Mind And Body

Now once you learn the right body language to create and communicate your new found confidence then you enter the next phase; when in a relaxed state of mind and body, you become what is known as charming.

Let me describe how this feels…

You will naturally feel your body relax, the tone of your voice smoothen out, your speech become more relaxed and your mind will stop racing. When you are in this relaxed state, your mind and body seems to go into automatic and you stop having to work at push the conversation onwards. The words literally seem to come out of your mouth without any stress and with little effort. You will find yourself genuinely smiling more often and the muscles on you face seem to relax.

Now this, my friend, is where you DEFINITELY want to end up.

WARNING: If you are able to implement these 4 gems into your everyday conversations then every one of your first impressions with girls will be memorable and fun to both you and her. In other words, you will never have to worry about being automatically drafted into the “Friend Zone”