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The Truth About Botox Myths

Botox training sheffield is a popular cosmetic procedure. It’s injected into the muscles of your face to smooth out wrinkles and lines, improve facial contours and relax your facial expression. But it is not without controversy. Many people have questions about what it does, how much it costs and whether or not it works. Let’s take a look at some common myths and facts surrounding this procedure. 

Myth #1: You can only get Botox in your face 

You may have heard that you need a license from the FDA before you can receive Botox injections into any other part of your body. This is not true. In fact, if you are an adult over 18 years old, you do NOT need a prescription from your doctor in order to obtain Botox anywhere on your body. There are many websites online offering Botox injections for sale, but all of them require a medical form, which means they cannot be legally administered without a doctor’s approval. However, there is no legal requirement for doctors to administer these injections. If you want to find a doctor who will perform Botox treatments, you should ask a friend or family member who has used one before. 

Fact: Botox is available for purchase online. If you’re interested in purchasing it yourself, you can order it from most major pharmacies online. 

Myth #2: You need to schedule your appointments weeks in advance 

It’s easy to assume that you’ll have to book an appointment with a doctor months ahead of time in order to receive Botox injections. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Sometimes, Botox procedures are performed on an “as-needed” basis. If you have some wrinkles that bother you, but you aren’t sure when the next time will be, then you might consider seeking out a provider who offers Botox on a regular basis. 

Fact: You can request Botox treatment by calling your local pharmacy’s customer service department. Most companies offer Botox as an add-on service for customers who regularly buy their products. 

Myth #3: You should always wait three days after receiving a Botox injection 

Many people believe that they should wait three full days after receiving a Botox injection before going outside. However, this is not necessary. While some providers may recommend waiting this long, others don’t. For example, a dermatologist may recommend waiting three days after receiving a series of Botox treatments because it allows his or her skin to recover. 

Fact: Some providers may suggest waiting three days after receiving your first Botox shot before applying makeup. Others may not care. 

Myth #4: Botox makes you look like a zombie 

Some people think that Botox makes you look dead or lifeless. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The goal of using Botox is to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet around your eyes and mouth. As a result, many patients feel more refreshed and rejuvenated after having received Botox. They also report feeling less stress and anxiety. 

Fact: Botox doesn’t make you look like a zombie. It makes you look younger! 

Myth #5: You can only use Botox once per month 

This myth may come from the idea that Botox is an injectable drug that you can only use once a month. However, this isn’t true either. People often confuse Botox with Restylane, another injectable substance that’s commonly used to treat moderate to severe signs of aging. Both substances work differently, however, so it’s important to understand the difference between Restylane and Botox. 

Restylane is a temporary solution to lines and wrinkles. It contains hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin retain moisture. It has been FDA approved since 1996 and is typically used to treat mild lines and wrinkles on the skin. 

Botox is a permanent solution to lines and wrinkles. Unlike Restylane, it’s made from purified botulinum toxin, which is derived from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. This toxin causes muscles to weaken and become paralyzed, causing them to relax. This results in smoother skin and fewer lines and wrinkles. 

The amount of Botox you receive varies based on the number of lines and wrinkles you want to fade away. For example, you may receive two shots to fade away the lines around your eyes and another four or five shots to fade away the lines around your mouth. 

Fact: You can use Botox up to six times a year. You should consult with your doctor to determine the optimal frequency for you. 

Myth #6: You must spend thousands of dollars to receive Botox 

Although this myth seems plausible, it’s not entirely accurate. The price of Botox varies widely depending on your age, location and insurance plan. You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars. The average cost per session ranges between $500 and $1,000. 

Fact: Because the majority of Botox users are women ages 25 to 55, prices tend to be higher than those for men in the same age group. 

Myth #7: Botox doesn’t last 

While that may sound like a bad thing, it actually isn’t. Once you’ve had Botox, you’ll probably experience some level of relief within 24 hours. After that, your muscle movement will return back to normal. The effects of Botox usually wear off after six months to one year. This depends on how much of the toxin remains in your system. 

Fact: A study published in 2013 found that Botox lasts for six years.

There you go. Now you know all the things you should avoid doing before getting a Botox injection. Whether you decide to opt for this treatment or not, it’s important to remember that there’s no right or wrong way to look, although beauty ideals certainly vary from person to person. Your best bet is to speak to a trusted physician about your concerns and goals and to trust your instincts.

Working with an experienced professional is crucial if you want to reap the benefits of Botox (or investigate other medical spa treatments).