The Latest Homecoming Hairstyles

The latest homecoming hairstyles are all focused on creating a great look in a short amount of time. Looking your best for homecoming can be tricky. First there is the pep rally, then the big game, and finally the dance. You simply don’t have a lot of time for looking your best. That is why you should check out the latest homecoming hairstyles that focus on effortless beauty.

Many of the latest homecoming hairstyles are up-dos can be fashioned with product and a curling iron. As long as you have a mirror and an electrical outlet, you’re ready to go. Comb your hair thoroughly to comb out the accumulated tangles. When you hair is sleek and shiny, run just a little gel through it. Pull it up into a pony tail just below the crown of your head. Use more gel to separate the hair in your pony tail into one inch sections. Take each of these sections and curl them with your curling iron. Let the curls cool and then pin them in a circle around the elastic of your pony tail. The resultant crown of curls is one of the latest homecoming hairstyles.

If you want to wear your tresses long, many of the latest homecoming hairstyles can accommodate you. One of the most popular styles gives your hair a tousled, slightly wet look. If you have a natural wave to your hair, you’re practically done. Otherwise, if you have enough time, roll up your hair in hot rollers and let them stay in until they have cooled, about ten minutes. Wait up to thirty minutes for the curl to set and then comb gel through your hair with your fingers. Scrunch up your hair to increase its body. This latest homecoming hairstyle has been seen on the likes of Lindsey Lohan and the Olson twins.

Pictures of homecoming down hairstyles

A very simple do can also be made into one of the latest homecoming hairstyles with the proper accessories. Jeweled butterfly clips are very in and add a touch of elegance to a simple bun or half-pony tail. You could also consider using sparkly bobby pins or a small tiara to complete your latest homecoming hairstyles.