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The Benefits Of Buying a Freehold Condo In Singapore: A Case Study of Terra Hill

With Singapore’s ever-growing population, the demand for residential property has risen over the years. One of the most popular types of housing within the country is freehold condos. These condos offer many advantages that make them an attractive option when it comes to choosing your next home. As a case study, let us take a look at Terra Hill – a new launch condo 2023 slated to be completed by 2023 that offers buyers various benefits and great investment opportunities.

Luxury Living at Its Finest

Terra Hill is located in an established neighbourhood with nearby amenities like supermarkets, schools, and recreational facilities. The condo also provides plenty of exclusive features and luxury touches such as designer fittings, high ceilings, and wood flooring throughout. Residents can enjoy fantastic views from the balcony or rooftop terrace, thanks to its strategic location on high ground which allows for panoramic vistas.

Peace Of Mind With Freehold Ownership

A major benefit of buying a freehold condo like Terra Hill is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are investing in something secure with no lease period expiration date to worry about. Freehold ownership grants buyers full right over their property as well as control over decisions related to maintenance fees and development plans. This kind of security gives investors more options when it comes to renting out their unit or selling it on down the line if they choose to do so in future.

Capital Appreciation Potential

Another advantage of buying a freehold condo like Terra Hill is its potential for capital appreciation. Prices tend to appreciate faster than other property types due to its limited supply compared to those available on rental leases. Furthermore, given its strategic location near several MRT stations and public transport hubs, this new launch condo’s value will surely rise significantly over time due to increased convenience for commuters who want easy access into town or around Singapore Island itself.

Tax Benefits For Buyers

For those considering buying property in Singapore, one important factor not to be overlooked is the tax benefits offered by various types of properties, including freehold condominiums such as Terra Hill. Stamp Duty exemptions are available for first-time buyers, while there are additional savings through income tax deductions on interest payments on housing loans used to finance the purchase, which can help to significantly reduce your overall cost of ownership.

Great investment opportunities from rental income

Given the demand from young professionals working in the Marina Bay Sands area, rents are likely to be higher than average, especially after completion in 2023, making freehold condominiums such as Terra Hill great investment opportunities if you’re looking to maximise your return on investment by renting out units. In addition, short-term rental services such as Airbnb could also prove lucrative, depending on factors such as location, unit size and quality, etc.

Ensure high quality finishes & amenities

When buying any property, whether commercial or residential, it’s important to know that you’re getting what you’ve paid for. Buying from reputable developers like Terrace Hills ensures the highest standard of finishes along with first class amenities (swimming pool, gym etc) all within a single complex making it an ideal choice for both long term residents & investors alike.

In conclusion, buying a freehold condominium such as Terra Hills offers many amazing benefits ranging from luxury living space with panoramic views, peace of mind ownership, potential capital appreciation, tax savings, assured high quality finishes, great rental income opportunities and fantastic amenities all in one convenient location. With completion expected by 2023, now would be an ideal time to invest before prices start to head north!