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Plus Size Women: How they Choose the Best Clothes

How to choose original clothes if you have a large size? If there are more and more choices and advice on the internet with online stores specializing in women’s fashion, it is not easy to be satisfied with the pieces you order online.

Here is a guide to dressing effectively from A to Z. It is also a mini-coaching to makeover. With this article, you will have all the basics and plenty of ideas for dressing elegantly with the collections of y2k outfits.

Before Dressing Effectively, Easily Take Your Measurements:

Before choosing your clothes, you start with the basics, that is to say knowing your measurements. Take a tape measure. You will need it for your measurements. This is done in three steps:

  • Wrap the tape around the chest, slightly above the breasts, without being too tight. The tape should be below the armpits and touch the shoulder blades.
  • Then at the waist, place the tape all around the hollo-west area (just above or below the navel).
  • And to finish, measure around the hips putting the tape at the level of the buttocks, trying to take the widest area.

Be sure to stand straight while taking the measurement, and record the results on a sheet of paper.

The V Morphology, a Rather Sporty Silhouette.

If you have a slightly pronounced build with broad shoulders, your silhouette is close to the V morphology. For your look, we advise you to harmonize your outfits by taking strong pieces at the bottom, that is to say that they stand out visually.

Morphology A:  a silhouette with a small bust and pronounced hips.

Unlike the V silhouette, the A morphology must be harmonized and highlight the top. This means richly colored tunics and blouses, and large patterns in stripes or polka dots. Fitted blouses will compliment you well, as well as dresses with off the shoulders and V-necks, ideal for exposing your neck and shoulders. At the bottom, prefer sober pieces that will hug your hips. By working on the top of your outfit, your look will be even more chic and elegant.

The X Morphology, For A Balanced Silhouette

The X silhouette is also referred to as the 8 or hourglass figure. This is the easiest option for choosing plus size clothes. As with previous body types, think about consistency in fit: if you have a top that is rich in visuals and detail, consider a rather simple bottom, like a solid-color cropped pants. Conversely, a pretty ruffled skirt will go very well with a basic t-shirt. Speaking of plus-size staples you may have a white top from that just might suit your figure.

The Morphology O, the Silhouette with Curves

The O silhouette is generally the morphology of round women. If you have curves and belly, several choices are possible to compose your outfits. It is recommended that you combine flowing clothes with close-fitting pieces. Mainly, prefer loose tops like tunics and shirts, and do not hesitate to wear them with slightly tight pants. Contrary to what one might think, pretty close-fitting raw jeans will suit you perfectly and energize the silhouette. If you’re interested in patterned pieces, select ones that have small prints, like pinstripes.