Kitchen Appliance

Knife Quality- Lifetime Benefactor

What are the odds that you’ll go to the supermarket today and pick up everything from the shelf? We all aspire to buy the whole market one day because there are so many goodies out there that it is too difficult to resist.

Men, women and children all have different tastes when it comes to preference of food, clothes, electronic items and many other things that we want to buy. Everyone is swayed by temptation but the wise folks always look at the price tag before going for something big and expensive.

Children are happy with chocolates, chips and toys whereas the women always want kitchen appliances like utensils, food, culinary, crockery and so on. The food that they cook requires washing and cutting for which they need a sharp edged knife, which brings us to this topic.

Knife Thesis

When you hear about knife, you immediately envision a sharp silver blade with a handle or hilt that the women of the household use to cut vegetables and fruits every day.

There are different types of knives like kitchen knife for the kitchen, hunting knife that is used by hunters when out hunting for wild animals that they used for camping equipment.

Then we have the butchers’ knife that the butcher uses to cut meat to supply to his customers, combat knife used by soldiers and boy scouts during camping and finally the pocket knife, best friend of not just hikers but thieves that set out to rob somebody on the road or a house in the dead of the night.

A dagger is also categorized as a knife that policemen use for safekeeping sometimes and the roman warriors used during wartime. So it can be seen that a knife isn’t just a tool for cutting items but also as a murder weapon by bad elements of the society.

When you are buying a knife you always look for high quality ones so that it lasts for a longer period of time, which is why chefs are very particular in this matter because for them a knife is an extension of their hand.

Let’s look at some important knives set that are available in the market so that it would give an idea to readers on where to look when it comes to topnotch quality.

Set List

  1. Misen Essential- A combination of European and Japanese style models that is quite swift for use when done so by flexible fingers and easily cuts through vegetables although it becomes difficult to sharpen its edges over a period of time.
  2. Made In- Another European style model that is a four piece set with the smallest knife called Nakiri that can easily pass off as a clever with a straight edge but it is only for cutting fruits and vegetables.
  3. Aiko Damascus- Japan-Euro combo continues to dominate the list because they are the best in this matter. This is a 9 piece set and the silver blade is cynosure of your eyes  right from the pointed edge to the hilt that is polished and shiny.