Is It Advisable For A Person To Purchase The Delta 8 Gummies From The Store?

The Delta 8 is the second product of TikTok sensation The Gummy Bear Company. Launched in November 2019, the Delta 8 THC Feeling gummies are an edible version of their flagship product (the original Delta 8). These gummies contain THC and come in three different flavors: Berry Blast, Lemon Lime Twist, and Strawberry Banana.

In addition to its THC content, the Delta 8 gummies also provide a unique experience: they taste like gummy bears!

Delta 8 has been on the market for nearly two years now, so it’s time to take a look at everything this product can offer – if you’re considering trying one out for yourself.

What are the ingredients?

Delta 8 is made from organic cane sugar, purified water, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, natural flavorings, carrageenan gum, stevia leaf extract, and high-grade cannabis oil that contains 0% THC and other cannabinoids.

The company claims that the gummies “…are safe and don’t have any of the negative effects associated with smoking marijuana.”

The only ingredient that may cause concern is the carrageenan gum. This is used as a thickening agent and emulsifier in foods. While there is no evidence to suggest that it causes cancer or that it is harmful to human health, it does have some side effects. For example, it can irritate your stomach, which means that eating something that contains it could potentially cause stomach issues. If you’re not sure whether or not you would be able to handle these potential side effects, it might be better to opt for another gummy option instead.

How do we know what’s in them?

TikTok sensation The Gummy Bear Company recently published a video showing how the Delta 8 gummies are made. In the video, they show the process of making the gummies from start to finish.

For those who are interested in knowing exactly how much THC each gummy contains, here’s a breakdown of what’s inside each:

Berry Blast: 30mg

Lemon Lime Twist: 40mg

Strawberry Banana: 50mg

It should also be noted that each box of Delta 8 contains 100g of gummies, which equals approximately 3 full servings. If you eat all of the gummies provided by one box, you will get the following amount of THC:

Berry Blast: 495mg

Lemon Lime Twist: 535mg

Strawberry Banana: 605mg

The recommended serving size is 1/4 of a single batch of gummies per day. However, because of the small size of each individual batch, you could easily consume more than the recommended daily dose.

Is it legal to buy?

The Delta 8 gummies are currently available through Amazon and Walmart. You can purchase the product online directly from the manufacturer or from third party sellers on Etsy and Ebay. It should be noted that the product is not approved by the FDA yet and therefore cannot be purchased legally in most states.

Are they safe?

While many consumers were worried about the possibility of using cannabis as a food additive in the absence of FDA approval, it is worth noting that the makers of Delta 8 claim that it is safe to use. They state that the product “does not contain any of the negative side effects associated with smoking marijuana” and that it “is completely safe to ingest.”

However, while the gummies may not contain any of the negative side effects associated with smoking marijuana, there have been several cases of people suffering from severe allergic reactions to the product.

According to TheGummyBearCompany.com, a number of customers have suffered from extreme hives after consuming the gummies. Some even required hospitalization due to the severity of their reaction.

Fortunately, none of the reported cases resulted in death. However, the fact that the company is aware that their product can cause allergic reactions is important information to consider when deciding whether or not to try the gummies out for yourself.

Should I buy Delta 8 gummies?

Based on the reports of severe allergic reactions, it seems that it is best to avoid purchasing Delta 8 gummies until they receive official approval from the FDA. Until then, it’s probably best to stick to non-cannabis alternatives such as fruit snacks or candy.

That said, if you’re really desperate for a way to enjoy the benefits of THC without smoking marijuana, then you could always make your own homemade gummies.

After having the complete detail of the Delta 8 gummies a person should plan to purchase it. Now the main question arises where to buy delta 8 gummies? This is the main thing that will help in deciding the funds that the person is planning to invest. A person can choose the best delta gummies that will give them god results.