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How To Blow A Smoke Ring

As an example of how to blow smoke rings, I thought I would post a video of someone who is ridiculously good at it:

I, for one, am content to blow two or three smoke rings per inhale, but don’t let me limit you.

So, how is it done? I tell you now.

I figured out just tonight that you can blow smoke rings either with air pushed with the back of the tongue (and and “O” face) or with slight puffs from the back of your throat (also with an “O” face).

1. Tongue only method: Using your tongue, you can blow smoke rings without inhaling at all (or at least hardly at all). Shape your tongue similar to how it would be shaped if you were gagging. But, before you actually gag, push the back of your tongue forward along with a puff of smoke. As you practice, you will have to experiment with what kind of an “O” face you should use to make the smoke into a ring-shape. When you first start out, the rings will be thin and barely perceptible. But when you get better they will get more dense, even to the point that you they look as thick and heavy as a chocolate glazed doughnut.

2. The (more common) back of throat method: Gather a thick concentration of smoke in the back of your mouth, then create a slight puff with your throat, again, similar to a gag reflex, only it lasts for about a half second. You’ll have to experiment with your “O” face (everyone’s is different) but generally it requires a slight extension of the lips in a circular form as the smoke is pushed in a sudden burst, or puff.

It takes practice, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right away. One of the best ways to learn is to watch someone who is already good at it, looking at how they hold their tongue, through and lips.

Also, don’t forget to take a breath of regular fresh air every so often while your practicing so you don’t pass out from oxygen deprivation. (-: