The Latest Homecoming Hairstyles

The latest homecoming hairstyles are all focused on creating a great look in a short amount of time. Looking your best for homecoming can be tricky. First there is the pep rally, then the big game, and finally the dance. You simply don’t have a lot of time for looking your best. That is why […]


Secrets On How To Create Asian Hairstyles

With more and more Asian artists now making their presence felt in the entertainment and fashion industries, it is no surprise that Asian hairstyles have become extremely trendy, particularly among teenagers and yuppies. The surprising blend of edginess and innocence that can be seen among Asian hairstyles is just the same personalities found among the […]

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How To Blow A Smoke Ring

As an example of how to blow smoke rings, I thought I would post a video of someone who is ridiculously good at it: I, for one, am content to blow two or three smoke rings per inhale, but don’t let me limit you. So, how is it done? I tell you now. I figured […]


Steps On How To Style Pixie Haircuts

Pixie haircuts are extremely popular for young women with fine hair thickness and a very confident personality. This rather bold hairstyle can also be styled to look innocent, sweet and demure. One of the many reasons why pixie haircuts have become popular is mainly because it can suit most face shapes. Professional hairstylists are able […]