Heres How You Can Finally Sing Those High Notes

Because of my background in singing professionally for over 20 years and I have taught literally thousands of students around the world to become successful singers, I get asked the same few questions. One is undoubtedly how they can learn to increase their vocal range or learn to hit higher notes. Another question is can […]


The Right Kind Of Funny

“Humor Is As Important To Women As Chocolate.” Now you can’t even count the number of times women have said that they want a man that can make them laugh. Why is this so important to women? Because you need to remember that women are much more emotional than men and when you are able […]


Tips In Choosing Formal Hairstyles

Whether you are preparing for your dream wedding or prom night, choosing formal hairstyles is one of the most important tasks to be undertaken by every woman. That is because your choice of hairstyle would make or break your entire look. There are a number of different beautiful formal hairstyles to choose from ranging from […]