brandnewrock.com is a non-profit news organization dedicated to making the world a more equitable place by exposing injustice through investigative journalism, narrative storytelling, and cultural reporting. We go beyond the headlines to understand news events rather than chasing “breaking news.” Our political analysis, articles, reviews, and criticism aim to establish a new cultural canon and debunk mythologies.

Since its inception in 2014, brandnewrock.com has focused on communities whose stories are frequently overlooked or misrepresented. As we seek to hold public leaders and companies accountable, we hope to not only enlighten, but also empower our audience. Our reporters understand that oppressed people are experts on their own lives, and they trust their judgment.

We value fact-based and rigorous journalism, as well as writing that entertains as well as informs. We appreciate history as a reporting tool because it helps us to question policy roots and correct narratives that whitewash exploitation, dispossession, and genocide.